It takes more than skill to carve a name into history. It takes a combination of aptitude and attitude. Expertise and grit. Excellence and spirit. A unique combination of the tangible and indefinable that merge to produce something truly unique. A perfect blend of these attributes made the Paynter name a cricketing legend.

Our Grandfather Eddie Paynter began his working life in the in the cotton mills of Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire. But within a few years, his name was being chanted in the House of Lords as news of his Test cricketing genius reached England from across the globe.

It was against Australia in the ‘Bodyline Tour’ of 1932 when he rose to prominence. With Australia having the upper hand and Eddie unexpectedly hospitalised, England was in trouble. When the news reached him, Eddie discharged himself from hospital, got a taxi to the ground, washed a couple of aspirin down with a glass of champagne, and proceeded to make his way to 83 to put his team in a first-innings lead. He returned in the second innings and hit the winning runs, six off Stan McCabe, one of Australia’s most feared bowlers. From here on in, his name was etched into the memory of a generation of cricket fans.

Eddie was an incredibly talented cricketer. It is astonishing that someone who made his First-Class debut at the age of 24 was able to achieve such heights in the game. He averaged 84.42 from seven Tests against Australia, a feat that no other Englishman has replicated with a 500-run cut-off.

The Payntr Cricket Shoe is directly inspired by Eddie’s rare attributes. We’ve created a true hybrid that amalgamates the key ingredients of success to give you the ultimate results. By fusing a cricket spike with a running shoe, the Payntr maximises agility, power, control and comfort. The outcome is performance multiplied.

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