Introducing Payntr by SEVEN

by Stephen Smith March 13, 2018

MS Dhoni & our Founder David Paynter meet for the first time to discuss a potential joint venture to develop cricket shoes.

Shortly after the launch of the Mk1 Payntr X shoes in 2017 MS Dhoni started to wear the shoes whilst playing and immediately became a huge fan of them alongside a host of fellow Internationals.  Driven by the growing footwear range offered by his company SEVEN his love of the shoes quickly developed into to desire to collaborate and launch them to the wider Asian market.

MS Dhoni wearing a pair of Payntr by SEVEN cricket shoes, in camo colours, while playing for India.

Following the success of the shoes in the UK Payntr was considering how to make in-roads to other cricket markets so the approach from SEVEN came at the perfect time.  Discussions started in late 2017 with our first meeting in November of that year when David and our MD, Stephen Smith, flew out to New Delhi to meet MS Dhoni and his team.  Those discussions were concluded in February of 2018 on a second trip to New Dehli when a Joint Venture Agreement was signed.

Founder David Paynter signing the Joint Venture Agreement to form the new brand Payntr by SEVEN.
Payntr by SEVEN will launch a range of cricket shoes at multiple price points and in various colours & trims in Asia in the second half of 2018 before expanding into other countries. Designs for the range were completed this month (March) with the first samples being made available in India in April.

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Stephen Smith
Stephen Smith


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